Medical and Health Care Translation Services

Code of Ethics

Our Core Values

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct implements the core business values that are essential to our success as a company. Our values are the foundation of what we are; we live these values relentlessly. Driving our long-term success by sustaining a company that has earned and deserves the confidence of our personnel, customers, and partners.


We choose the path of integrity in all business transactions and dealings with other people.


We act ethically and transparently in every business context.


We comply with all laws, regulations, and M&HC’s Policies that govern our business and employees’ actions on behalf of the company.

Mutual Respect

We treat individuals with respect and dignity.


We work together as a team.


We innovate and seek new and creative approaches to daily issues.

Customer Satisfaction

We treat customer satisfaction as our top priority.


We incorporate excellence and quality in our work and improve continuously.

The Truth

Staying true to our vision, values and goals will guide us toward continued growth and success in times still to come.

Our priorities

Diversity and social inclusion: ensuring that all people feel respected and have equal access to resources, services and opportunities to succeed. We define diversity and inclusion by accepting our differences due to age, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, work and life status, ethnic origin, culture, spiritual beliefs and practices, employment level, physical and mental ability, and more.